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Fears & Phobias - Anxiety & Panic

People seek therapy to help resolve their fears and phobias for a number of reasons.  The primary reason is to help deal with the fear factor related to the phobias that they cannot resolve on their own. 

Their fears/problems range from simple hang-ups to specific major levels that affect their normal activities and enjoyment of life to a full spectrum of phobias that can be part of a more serious mental condition.

Most people have some type of apprehensions under certain circumstances or situations that can invoke rational/irrational behaviors or responses.  These conditions can be the result of a childhood experience when reasoning abilities were not fully developed or there was a condition causing a fear of the unknown.

Some fears can develop during our adult years resulting from a traumatic experience, some so sever that the mind blocks out the ability to fully recall the experience.  Some fears are complex and relate to more than one interrelated condition.

The degree of severity of the apprehension is dependent of the individual and how the fears are related, i.e., the fear of flying and the fear of heights or rejection, failure -success, darkness and open spaces.

Not all fears are bad, some are there as a warning system that causes us to alter the path we are taking to avoid further complications or injury.  However, when these fears become so intense they no longer serve as a protection system.  When triggered by factors that create irrational behaviors and become a threat to the well being of a person, this may be considered a serious phobia and justifies further attention.

Fears developed in adulthood may be the result of chemical or physiological changes in the body.  It sometimes stems from a hypoglycemic issue or severe indigestion feeling like a heart attack.

Some fears actually start out as anxiety related to an anticipated danger which leads to panic and possible loss of control.  This fear of losing control is likely to be a common element and a basic cause in phobia cases.  Unrealistic responses, behaviors and reasoning heighten as fear levels escalate.  A person in this condition normally moves to escape these conditions by avoiding people places things that trigger their anxiety.

Hypnotherapy can prove effective through reprogramming in mild cases.  Suggestions while under hypnosis can rid a person of catastrophic thoughts while establishing a truthful explanation of the physical sensations that may be experienced and how they cause no harm.

Hypnotherapy will create a relaxed condition while slowing the heart rate utilizing deep breathing techniques allowing the person to swallow more easily, overcome body temperature changes which will lead to clear headedness and thought.

Fear and anxiety relate to a fear of the unknown in many cases.  There are exceptions in that the symptoms may be apparent while the likely true causes may not be known.  This fear is a threat to the person since it is unresolved.  Hypnotherapy can expose the root cause of the threat, make rational suggestions to alleviate the symptoms and resolve the issues.  The anxiety related to the fear is removed which in turn removes the reason for panic.

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