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Weight loss is a very difficult program for many.  Diets are major changes to our eating habits.  It is a sacrifice program carried out with great discomfort for many until you achieve your goal weight.  Then you breathe a sigh of relief and splurge on many of the foods you stayed away from all the time you were dieting.  You suddenly discover that it doesn’t take as much time to put back the lost weight as it did to take it off and then add some.

Another issue with weight loss is that when you Loose something what is it that we are programmed to do?  WE WANT TO FIND IT.   Mentally, we are programmed to do certain things automatically and if we don’t reprogram our mind to “reduce weight” through eating less, eating the right foods, etc. then dieting will be painful and result in less than our desired body weight goal which we will hold on to for only a limited time. 

This new practice using hypnotherapy is particularly effective with people who just like food and over eat by taking multiple helpings.  Some people were programmed when they were little to eat what is on their plate before they could go out and play.  Other people over eat for other reasons such as to reward themselves for a recent achievement, for entertainment, to support them against fear or to overcome frustration.  While others eat because they are bored, feel less than acceptable to other’s, and even in some cases to avoid sex.  Many of these thoughts and memories are buried in their inner mind/subconscious.  Hypnotherapy can be helpful in accessing these memories, resolving them and help you to get on with your new life.

Utilizing Hypnotherapy to suggest new positive behaviors to your subconscious while reducing the negative behaviors mentally aligns the mind with the body.  As a result, you no longer feel that level of frustration and sacrifice you had with most diets. 

You quickly learn that you CAN eat many of the same foods you did before such as pasta, steak, potatoes, etc. however, your body will accept eating less, on a scale of 0 to 10 (0 = starve, 10 = stuffed) you will eat to a level of satisfaction +/- 5 on the scale.  At this level, your body will start to break down and burn the excess fats.  You will find your outlook on food will not be to sacrifice, or one of forbidding.  You will no longer be eating out of habit, but instead you will make intelligent choices eating healthy and smaller portions naturally.  You will find that foods will taste much better and as you eat slower you will fill up to a satisfying level and not need another bite more.

Eating healthy will promote a healthy body; you will feel more confident with an increase of self-esteem which will lead to one less stress factor in your life.

Hypnotherapy is NOT a Magic Bullet to reduce your weight quickly.  In order for Hypnotherapy to be effective, the individual client needs to want the changes being sought since the Hypnotherapist/Hypno-Counselor has only 10% of the effort while the client holds 90% of the effort required to make the change successful.

The Hypnotherapist/Hypno-Counselor will make a partial tape of the session to assist the client in reinforcing their new behaviors established in the session.  The client will need to listen to the tape daily.

Shouldn’t you be calling Spectrum Hypnotherapy Associates to finally get your weight reduction program going?     Call 856-256-7960 for your private appointment.

We are there to answer all your questions and set up your session.  Note: The first session will take upwards of 1½ hours while any other session will take approximately 45 minutes to an hour.

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