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  Quit Smoking

Quit Smoking with Hypnotherapy

There are numerous reasons why people start smoking: for identification with peers, used as a crutch to help with certain issues such as stress or fear, perhaps to overcome a loss of a love one; or lack of a love one, companion, etc.  Some people smoke due to their lack of self–esteem, or for security, or just dependency.

There are numerous methods to help you try to quit smoking using gums, patches, self–help tapes, etc.  All have their level of success and failures, in addition to their costs, and yes many have side effects.

Some people try to quit using the absolute worst method, “Cold Turkey.”  This is the worst method due to the physical and mental impact it has on the quitter in addition to the impact it has on all those that have to interface with the person.  The smoker experiences mood swings with emotion and willpower fluctuations.  The results are usually inconsistent or ineffective, at least for long periods of time.  No matter how painful it was, just being in the wrong place at the wrong time and having a weak frame of mind will lead them back into this realm of smoking once again.

Smoking is not only physical but also mental.  Therefore, the success you have in becoming a non-smoker depends upon changing the Mental Attitude as well as the body’s needs or Physical Attitude.

Using Hypnotherapy techniques can ultimately change the pleasure level of smoking where the taste of a cigarette can be made quite disgusting in lieu of enjoyable.  Case in point, if a person is told that a lit cigarette will taste like Castor Oil (a bad tasting medicine) this makes the desire for a cigarette much more avoidable. 

In some cases, the Hypnotherapist/Hypno-Counselor may look to achieve a gradual reduction in smoking.  He will select a procedure that best fits the client’s needs.   In most cases effective cessation can be achieved in one session.  In severe cases two or more sessions may be required.  The number of sessions is highly dependant on the individual client and his/her level to want to quit.

The Hypnotherapist/Hypno-Counselor will work with the client to determine what personal need is being satisfied by smoking.  If smoking is a habit adopted to support a special need, a risk to the smoker may exist in eliminating the smoking habit right away or completely.  This understanding and the use of hypnotherapeutic applications can produce dramatic positive results.

In Order for Hypnotherapy to be effective, the individual client needs to want the changes being sought since the Hypnotherapist/Hypno-Counselor has only 10% of the effort while the client holds 90% of the effort required to make the change successful.

The Hypnotherapist/Hypno-Counselor will make a partial tape of the session to assist the client in reinforcing their new behaviors established in the session.  The client will need to listen to the tape daily until the habit itself is gone and urges to some are no longer an issue.

Shouldn’t you be calling Spectrum Hypnotherapy Associates to finally quit smoking for good and get on with the rest of your life?

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