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Self Esteem

According To Webster’s dictionary – Self-Esteem is confidence and satisfaction in oneself.

We may not realize it but somewhere perhaps locked in our subconscious mind, everyone has an ultimate or final goal.  Psychologists claim this to be true.  This is the same without regard to nationality, race, physical condition, or creed. 

Deep down inside we want to achieve the best we possibly can, whether in sports, education, business, etc.  This should hold true no matter what our background, monetary or education levels, or any other factors.  We all should be encouraged to grow to be the best that we can be in relation to our own values and beliefs.

As we reach out to achieve our personal best, and even our intermediate levels along the way, many factors have a bearing on how or when we get there.  Some people feel it is dependent on the cards we are dealt from our heritage, the opportunities that we are offered, and/or life in general.

One major factor that is essential for us to move in a positive direction while making progress is self-esteem.  In our lifetime, however, just about everyone of us are confronted with problems and experiences that have or had a major effect on our self-esteem and the resulting path we take and progress we make in achieving our intermediate or life time goals. 

Hypnotherapy is an important, capable, and valued means of successfully resolving problems that impact one’s self-esteem.

A high level of self-esteem is a basic and essential necessity for success. If one’s self-esteem is low, then this condition did not happen over night.  This low level developed slowly, perhaps unnoticed, spreading through the mind.  When this low level is finally recognized, it is already full-blown.  It takes a position of demoralizing us while placing us on a path of self-destruction and hopelessness.

We must deal with low self-esteem as soon as it is recognized if we want to get back on a path of making progress in our life since it affects our self confidence and motivation levels, the two other components needed for success.

Low self-esteem could have developed from the numerous setbacks we faced in our daily lives, from the work place, personal relationships, injuries and other health issues.  Our parents and teachers play a role in affecting our self-esteem as well as authority figures and friends.  When we are put down we lose a level of self-esteem. 
These feelings of hurt, guilt and negativity are frequently stored in our subconscious mind while ignored or blown off from our conscious mind.   Unfortunately, these issues are still affecting us and can be triggered to surface once again.

Through the utilization of Hypnotherapy, we can work with the subconscious mind to find these experiences that were detrimental to their self-esteem and bring them into the open and understand them.  Once we understand them, we can resolve these issues and the client will be freed from the past and ready to move into the future, making progress in achieving what they want out of life.

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