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Insomia - chronic inability to sleep.  Insomnia includes a phase where people cannot fall asleep, or fall asleep yet not be able to stay asleep and those who fall asleep then wake in the early morning and not be able to fall back to sleep.

Some may think that this is an easy problem for medicine and/or hypnotherapy to fix yet before this happens, there is a need to be understand what the underlying causes are.  As with pain, sleep difficulties may be telling our bodies that something is not right and needs to be looked into.

Some initial (going to sleep) and/or staying asleep difficulties could be associated with anxiety and restlessness related to being too preoccupied with excess worry and stress.  When you finally fall asleep, these anxieties sometimes seam to magnify and grow out of proportion from the actual situation. You wake from your sleep and begin tossing and turning or get up and pace or reach for an unnecessary snack.

People that have a tendency to wake up earlier than necessary and not fall back to sleep can, but not always, have additional symptoms of sadness, loss of appetite, or loss of interest.  These kind of conditions should be assessed and understood.

Some people are aware of sleeplessness and when they experience one or two sleepless nights they are already exhausted and fear that they will have another sleepless night thus adding to their dilemma.

Once you have looked into a medical assessment and diagnosis of the conditions related to your insomnia, you are ready for Hypnotherapy to complement your medical study with the ultimate goal of being able to sleep without the use of sleep medication.

Hypnotherapy brings you to a state of day dreaming.  You, for the most part, are still functioning on the task at hand while thinking of another matter at the same time; for instance, have you ever driven your car past the street or exit you were supposed to take and later realized this and had to turn around?  You may have been day dreaming or as we like to say you were in a hypnotic state.

While under hypnosis the subconscious mind, which is the part of your mind that is similar to a computer data base, is at the forefront of communications and receptive to the hypnotherapist’s suggestions while the conscious mind and body are relaxed or in a neutral state.  However, your conscious mind (you) can come back into play anytime you want to or if decide you want to stop, much like you would do if you needed to stop the car at a street light or change lanes, etc. 

Much in the same way your conscious mind (you) considers what a Hypnotherapist is asking it to do and only allows what it accepts or in another way does only what it allows. 

If you were working with your Hypnotherapist and for example an alarm goes off in the building, you would be able to open your eyes, get out of the chair and leave the office, if necessary and you will be as normal as before you met with the Hypnotherapist.

A qualified, certified Hypnotherapist offers a proven level of success in treating Insomnia and this condition can be resolved in as little as one session if the client has the motivation and desire to resolve the issue and follow the Hypnotherapist’s instructions.

Shouldn’t you be calling Spectrum Hypnotherapy Associates to finally get a good night sleep?     Call 856-256-7960 for your private appointment.

We are there to answer all your questions and set up your session.  Note: The first session will take upwards of 1½ hours while any other session will take approximately 45 minutes to an hour.

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